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The Living Room Santa Rosa: How to Donate and Help

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In the event that you have more items to share with others and you want to help women, children, and homeless people, you can always donate to The Living Room Santa Rosa. It provides shelter as well as other assistance to those who need it. What if you want to donate furniture or common household items? It may not be the common donation, but you can always talk it out with the people responsible for the management.

The Living Room Santa Rosa is About the Social Work

Homeless people and at-risk kids and women can find refuge and help when the overnight shelters have been closed. The overnight shelters may provide a place for them to sleep and rest during the night but you still need a solid start to turn a new leaf. And that’s the idea of The Living Room Santa Rosa, to provide social help and a new opportunity to start over. Mothers with their kids, homeless people, and women of all ages can get help from the volunteers. The environment is friendly and welcoming and those who have been dealing with the hardship of life will find such shelter helping and comforting.

The greatest thing about The Living Room Santa Rosa is the fact that they provide basic daily needs and also nutritious meals. They provide parenting skills, mail access, health care education, job search skills, and computers. They can link you to other community resources like medical care, housing, temporary shelter, and much more.

In the event that you want to make a donation, you can provide the basic items for them – for babies and mothers. Diapers, socks, underwear, or baby wipes are the common items needed for the babies while clothes, flashlights, reading glasses, deodorant and other personal hygienic needs are required for the mothers. The program also provides newly house needs for families and women so if you have unused and clean (and still in good condition) dishes, plates, cups, cups, and even furniture, you can donate them

Any donation will be welcomed with gratitude but be sure to discuss and talk things with the people responsible for the management if you are about to donate bigger items, like tables, cabinets, or shelves. Furniture is welcomed but a special arrangement needs to be made because of the big dimension. Since space is pretty limited in the organization, they have to prepare an extra space. But any donation is welcomed by The Living Room Santa Rosa, especially if you want to donate items like functional furniture for the newly house.


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