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Replacing Bathroom Subfloor in Your House

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Subfloor damage can often be found in the bathroom. It usually comes from consistent contact with water or even a leaking drain. When the floor starts to be unstable, replacing bathroom subfloor would be highly recommended. You might consider doing a total remodel of your bathroom while doing so, since by replacing the subfloor means you need to remove all appliances resided inside your bathroom.

Replacing Bathroom Subfloor: Source of Problems

Replacing bathroom subfloor can be laborious but it’s not so difficult to do. It’s an activity you can do by yourself, especially if the subfloor hasn’t been severely damaged yet. All you need are plywood in a size you need, nails, hammer, pry bar and tape measure.

First, remove any cabinets placed on top of the finished flooring and also remove the floor covering. Check the subfloor to see how much damage has to be picked up. If you find any black part of the damaged subfloor, you must pick it up and not to leave any other black part to avoid further harm to the subfloor. Use a pry bar to remove the rest.

But it also depends on what kind of damage you find when replacing bathroom subfloor. If the joists are wet, you should leave them exposed for two to three days until they dry out. Note the direction of the floor joists by using nails. Measure the area needs replacing, and cut the plywood to similar dimension. Replace the subfloor with new plywood and install them to the joists in which the new floor and the old floor meet. Nail a similar sized wood to the joists you’ve let dry. After that, you need to smear construction adhesive on the joists, and put the newest subfloor material on it. Make sure to fill the gap between the new flooring with leveling compound to level out unevenness.

The tips above may work on ordinary subfloor cases, but in extreme cases, you might have to replace the entire floor setting to a new one. It may require you to find a professional advice or a professional contractor to fix the whole bathroom flooring area. Replacing bathroom subfloor on the other hand wouldn’t be much of a problem if you can find the source of damage quick enough. Therefore, it is recommended for you to regularly check your plumbing and bathroom flooring to avoid further wreckage to your bathroom subfloor.

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