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Maynards Furniture for Living Room

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As we know, a home consists of several rooms with their own characteristic, purposes, and functions. In general, you use the same style for every room, but certain distinction might be more attractive to apply. Maynards Furniture provides various designs to fulfill any room such as living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, etc. Each of them has more specific theme or style. To know more about them, the next section will give you an insight one by one.

Maynards Furniture and Their Designs

Living room uses several furnishings such as sofas, table, cabinet, ottoman, cabinet, bookcase, fireplace, desk, chaises, chest, dresser, and bench. Sofa and table are the main furniture for living room to treat guests when coming into your home. Table and sofas in Maynards Furniture have many designs from simple, modern, to the unique and attractive one.

If you have minimalist style, simple sofa is good option. Sofa is able to fit for two to three people at once. The cushion is designed to make you more comfortable with leather stitched. Some of them have pillows as additional part. The colors are varying such as grey, charcoal, dark brown, black, and white. Usually, people take sofas in complete set consists of two sofas alongside bench, ottoman, chair, or chaises. All of them are in same pattern, style, and color. For your information, bench for living room is different from the outdoor one. It is like ottoman, but still has invisible stands.

Now, it is time to explore table, cabinet, and related furniture. As mentioned above, Maynards Furniture has more than simple table as option. Common table has tabletop in rectangle shape. It has some variations such as second layer under tabletop. Another tabletop design is round with four stands to hold the surface. As similar to rectangle one, the design consist of many variations to fulfill any preference. Majority of table use wooden as material and some of them are the combination design. Well, the color is varying ranging from simple and plain dark brown, black tone, grey, to the mixture one.

Furthermore, living room is also good with cabinet, drawer, and bookcase. They will be part of decoration without lack of function. The cabinet consists of one layer for drawer and two sections below it. Certain design is full drawer in four-tier. You have much storage to save anything. It is rare to find desk in living room, unless it is necessary. Maynards Furniture has desk and bar that’s specifically for living room without lack of usability. Well, you surely understand that the furniture is more than table and sofas.

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