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Home Depot Interior Door Knobs Options

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The Home Depot Interior Door Knobs add style to the areas and provide optional devices to separate two places. With gorgeous trim and finish, it can be a wonderful door accessory that complements your existing interior design. Just like buying other accessories for your house, you need to have the essential information so you can choose the right product. If you buy it randomly, it will only destroy your house’s interior.  At the same time, you may not be able to get a fully functioned door knob that perfectly matches with your door. Read on the details of every door knob.

When it comes to Home Depot Interior Door Knobs, there are several different types available. Each type has its own features and details. Therefore recognize and understand every one of them so you can figure out the best knob to be installed on your door. The types are distinguished by design, size and material.

Tips to Buy Home Depot Interior Door Knobs

With so many choices of door knobs available, you need to know the basic efforts to get the right knob. Start by measuring the bore hole on your door. Measure both height and width of door knob’s hole. Make sure to write down the numbers. Then, continue by measuring the backset. In case you don’t know what backset is, it is the space between the door’s edge and bore hole.

Continue by measuring the thickness of your door. Usually interior doors are 3.5cm thick, slightly thinner compared to exterior doors with 5cm thick. As you buy the door knobs, do not forget to buy the lockset. Some products offer door knob and lockset in one package but some others do not.

For connecting two different rooms in particular, passage knob is the ideal choice. For instance, it can be used for a door connecting laundry and storage room. Or it can be used in basement as well. Some of these door knobs do not have locking mechanism so make sure to stay aware when buying.

Meanwhile, the ideal Home Depot Interior Door Knobs for bathroom and bedroom are the privacy knob. Its main function is to prevent access by unwanted person with the use of locking mechanism.

With various choices available, you do have to coordinate style to function. In other words, the knobs’ style should match the function. Choose the best and most decorative finish of Home Depot Interior Door Knobs as well. The common finishes include nickel, chrome, satin, bronze, iron and brass.

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