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Floor Lamps for Kids Room and the Unique Options

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You may be surprised to find out that there are countless of attractive and unique floor lamps for kids room. Naturally, lamps are designed to provide lighting to the room. Floor lamps mean that they will be likely tall and rather big, depending on the designs. However, since it is for the kids’ room, don’t be too serious about choosing the right style. Instead of choosing the traditional and basic floor lamps, why not going with the colorful and unique designs?

Floor Lamps for Kids Room in Animal Shapes

Do you know that you can actually choose animals shapes for floor lamps for kids room? These lamps aren’t only good as the light source but they are also good for the focal point of the interior decor. Considering that the floor lamp should be tall enough to shine out lights to different parts of the room, choosing the one with attractive design can really help.

Choosing the regular and basic floor lamp is possible but what’s the fun in that? Why not going with the fun and playful animal theme? For instance, you can have a green giraffe floor lamp where the lamp shade is on the top of the giraffe’s head. Or, you can choose the black and white stripes cat whose tail is pointing upward and become the support of the lamp shade? Moreover, you don’t have to choose the super straight animal shape because you can choose the one with zigzag pattern of the pole support.

Of course, the animal shapes aren’t the only attractive floor lamps for kids room. There are still other options that you can choose. There is a cute floor lamp with a flexible pole that can be bent, so it can also be used as a desk lamp. Simply place the floor lamp next to the studying desk and you can have the flexible arrangement – bent it as the desk lamp and straight it out when you are finished.

If you are looking for a unique design, you can also choose a floor lamp in a rocket shape. Or you can choose the floor lamp with a single pole structure but with branches of colorful lamps. The latter one will provide enough light sources for the whole room.

In the end, choosing the right lamp depends on your needs and preferences. But, be sure that there are a lot of different shapes and designs for the floor lamps for kids room – and they are coming with various colors and appealing designs.

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