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Dining Room Captain Chairs with Elegant Design

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It is rare to find chair in dining room with armrest, not for captain chair. This kind of chair is put in one side as head or leader. You can see several designs for dining room captain chairs with attractive style. Design starts from simple armrest to make distinction between captain and the rest of crews. Besides that, some designs incorporate full body covered to give impressive texture.

The Design for Dining Room Captain Chairs

Picking dining room with captain chair mode is not difficult, but you should consider some matter. Room decoration plays major role because it is are to find this chair on modern dining room. Usually, you find captain chair in country, classic, or old style. In order to capture essence of this set, room is decorated to resemble meeting area. Of course, dining room is no longer place for dine, but also business meeting or deal.

First design in dining room captain chairs is classic Europe. Keep in mind that captain chair still uses similar design as the rest of chairs, but different in certain part. When you see closely, this chair is able to suit perfectly. Classic Europe was period when people start to realize the beauty of life. Chairs use high backrest with traditional pattern at top side. At the end of table, captain chair has comfortable armrest in similar color as other. Main colors are white and dark brown. Wooden is applied as frame for chair, but captain uses full linen cover in armrest. Four pillars keep chair to hold pressure from above.

Combination between classic and country create impressive design for dining room captain chairs. Table is able to hold six chairs where one of them is captain mode. Material is full wooden with classic pattern. Design is different from close-based dining room. Country tends to be open and outdoor atmosphere so back rest is short or up to end of shoulder. Captain chair is not really place for leader, head of family, or manager. It is place for person with more capability than other is to understand life.

Another good design is small round table with two captain chairs. It is dining room set for intimate and personal dinner. Round table gives flexibility to move chair form one side to other. You can enjoy dinning with close friend or family while discussing interesting topic. Recommended color for this style is white to show purity persona. Therefore, dining room captain chairs have interesting side to explore before apply.

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