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Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 as Reference to Implement

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People think $500 is not enough to buy high quality sofa from prominent store. When talking about price, you will think high price is about the excellent product at all. Actually, there are cheap living room sets under $500 as consideration to pick as alternative. Keep in mind, alternative does not mean lack of quality or second rate. Living room set consists of main furniture and additional parts. The main furniture is enough to make everything looks excellent.

Some Choices of Cheap Living Room Sets under $500

Buying sofas at store is easy, but finding the right one with the right price is not simple task. If you have small living room in apartment, try sofa with brighter color. White or bright grey is good option to expose more artistic feel. Of course, practical side looks good because the room is more spacious. Good companion for white sofa is wooden coffee table.

How much is white sofa and wooden coffee table? You need to spend $500. As part of cheap living room sets under $500, the sofas come with ultimate fabric to make the sitting area more comfortable. Some throw pillows are available as additional parts. For bigger room, the sofas consist of three pieces. The two are for main sofas and the rest is ottoman bench or sofa without backrest.

What is different between sofa, bench and chair? Sofa is common for living room because it is more comfortable and dedicated for indoor. You may not see sofa frame due to full cover. It is different from chair, but sofa with visible stands look elegant to apply for living room. Living room set with this sofa is affordable as the sofa consists of two pieces. One is for two people and the rest might be for three or just one. Due to little furniture in one set, this thing is part of cheap living room sets under $500. Coffee table is designed in various designs from simple rectangle to round or oval shape.

Sofa is main center in living room alongside table. However, do not forget other things such as wall, carpet, floor, and some ornaments. You also consider curtain and windows. Another aspect is the way color interact each other to blend into single style. Some sets for living room are specifically designed for minimalist style. The others are for modern, country, old, or beach-house style. In order to get cheap living room sets under $500, you need to balance between style, budget, and availability. Therefore, living room will look great without much cost at all.


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