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Artopex Furniture for Practical and Elegant Office

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Bed in bedroom and sofas in living room are example of home furniture. Basically, furniture has many forms and designs regarding your purpose and preference. However, Artopex Furniture provides products for office. What is difference between office and home furniture? You find table and desk in both places. There are sofas for lounge and chair for office room. Furniture is about function, practical and artistic aspect. Office furniture might not have many distinctions, but it takes new perspective to see different angle.

The Items in Artopex Furniture

Furniture in Artopex Furniture comes in system or package. The examples of freestanding furniture are specifically for lounge, information center, and front desk. When entering office building, you will meet front desk to gather information. This kind of area needs special furniture to make customers and clients more comfortable. There are long desks in curve style or bold rectangle. The design should fit room contour and freestanding furniture is not just for front desk. People wait in line to buy or get something. This matter takes seriously in business because customer’s satisfaction is the top priority. The design is specifically to keep people comfortable to stand for long period. Freestanding furniture also relates for condition where people come and go easily without spending much time in business.

You may have meeting in conference room with partner or co-worker. Long table with several chairs are ready as a place to start talking about business. Artopex Furniture has table specifically for conference. Long rectangle or oval designs are common for office and it is usually put on big room. Besides, the table for personal training is also ready with simple and practical design. Tabletop is able to change into flat and standing in order to make it easy when stored in warehouse. The table in office is side by side with desk. Desk for computer has storage and area to put printed document or related object.

Main furniture in system incorporates wooden as the main material. Metal is also available to increase the frame and structure. Metal is commonly used as storage to keep the private or sensitive document. Other furniture for office is chair. Comfortable and executive design creates elegant appearance. Office is not only in big space, but also in small partition. Modular wall is also ready in Artopex to make executive separation. The wall is designed to prevent noise and sound. This wall is common to create temporary conference room in order to get quick result for certain decision. Well, Artopex Furniture understands everything about office furniture.


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